Countless transit passengers pass through Hong Kong every year, on their way from Europe to Australia and New Zealand. Nevertheless, a lot of them fail to use the brief stopover between flights to learn this interesting metropolis, given that they think they will not have enough time to make it to the city and back…

This article will show you the greatest ways to travel from Hong Kong International Airport towards the city’s key tourist attractions and back.

1) Keeping your baggage

As being a transportation traveler, your suitcases are dealt with by the airline, so that you don’t need to worry about them, but you still need the trolley baggage and the last thing you desire would be to walk throughout the town along with it… Isn’t it? A baggage storage center can be found at the “Meeters and Greeters Hall”, just after immigration and customs. They are open up seven days every week, from 5:30am to 1:30 am and charge HK$ 40 for each piece for up to three hours, HK$ 55 for 3 – 24 hours and HK$ 130 for longer than twenty four hours (but less than 48…)

2) Octopus anyone?

Hong Kong’s famous Octopus Credit card is an digital kept-value card that lets you Discover Hong Kong while not having to bother about obtaining small change, or wasting time buying tickets from your automated vending machines…

It arrives with a refundable deposit of HK$ 50, which you will get back along with any leftover money, as soon as you come back the card. The credit card can be bought in the Airport Express Customer Support Counter in the Arrivals Hall (just a couple of steps from your luggage storage desk).

3) Reaching the town and back

Now, you have taken care of the trolley, you are prepared to hit the major town, and the only question staying is “exactly what is the best way of getting there and back”?

Airport terminal Express

The Airport terminal Express train offers the fastest and most practical hyperlink for those of you who wish to get to city center areas like Central on Hong Kong Island, or Tsim sha Tsui on Kowloon side.

It departs from your platform after the Arrivals Hall once every 12 minutes and covers the space to Hong Kong Tropical island in just 24 minutes, with prevents in Tsing Yi (Which is just a regular dormitory city…) and Kowloon (Gateway to Tsim sha Tsui, Jordan, Yau ma tei and Mongkok)

Octopus card owners can also enjoy free MTR Connections to or from Airport Express stations, if their cards have usable worth and their travel in the MTR and Airport terminal Express is inside one hour of each and every other. Furthermore, Airport terminal Express passengers traveling in the exact same day can have a FREE return journey (Provide is applicable to both Octopus Credit card and Exact same Day Come back solution owners).

Initially teach departs from the airport at 5:54am, while the last one departs at 00:48 after midnight (Trains within the opposing path leave concurrently, pretty much).

The main drawback to the Airport Express is it goes to the train stations, from which you need to use an additional means of carry to get to that you want (you can find totally free shuttles in the stations, however it nevertheless takes a bit of your time…)

In general: You can be in which you want in roughly 40 – 1 hour (including a waiting around duration of 6 – 10 minutes, vacationing time of 20 – 24 minutes and another 10 – 20 minutes to have from the station to in which you want)


Buses are less costly compared to Airport terminal Express (except if you come back on the same day and obtain a totally free come back journey), but consider much longer to access town. Nonetheless, they may be worth considering, for just two significant reasons:

– They operate through the entire evening, which can be essential in case your flight comes after midnight or departs before 7am.

– You don’t need to change way of carry, as the bus normally takes you right to where you would like to go.

Coaches keep from the Ground Transport Centre, outside the terminal building, and also you can pay out either by cash or Octopus Credit card.

Citybus A11 travels to Causeway bay, Wanchai and Central, on Hong Kong Island (N11 is definitely the “overnight edition” with this bus path). A 21 travels to Mong Kok and Tsim sha Tsui, on Kowloon part (N 21 is the “immediately version” of the line). If there is no heavy visitors, buses can enable you to get towards the main parts of Hong Kong Island or Kowloon in 45 – 60 minutes.

To conclude: The Airport Express makes a better option in case you are vacationing during hurry hour (usually, from 7 to 10am) and also you know in which exactly you need to go (I am going to give additional information about specific attractions and places-of-interest in jsfljy forthcoming posts). However, If you just want to travel to one from the city’s primary buying And enjoyment roads, or if perhaps you know you must travel one path in a late evening hour, shuttle is your best bet!

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